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Video Slot Machines - Pros and Cons

If you've visited a casino in the last decade, you'll notice some major changes on the gaming floors. The number of new video slot machines released has grown exponentially. With so many new five wheel games we have decided to provide reliable information on the pros, cons and differences between spinning reels and video games.

What are video slots?

Unlike physical reels, we consider video slots to be any game that uses a computer screen to display the reels. Video slots typically have five reels, have between five and fifty paylines, and often have secondary ways to win, such as bonus games or free spins.

Key Differences Between Video Slots and Classic Slots

Coin Size - Video slots often offer lower monetary values.

Payout Tables - You'll generally find more winning symbol combinations.

Bonus Games - Most modern games take the form of bonus games.

Scatter Payouts - Symbols that don't have to wait in line to win.

Max Bet - You can usually bet more than one coin per line.

Advantages of video slots

Probably the most important development that video slots bring is the smaller coin size. Although it is possible to find a penny or five cents spin wheel game and you are sure to find a penny video slot machine.

The second feature of video slots that is part of the reason they are so popular is that they tend to have a much higher traffic rate compared to single line three reels. There are more lines and generally more winning symbol combinations.

Bonus games also add more excitement to the game. With traditional spinning wheel games, the types of bonus games are limited. While with technology there is no limit to what the bonus games are with technology as anything that can be done on the computer can be used as part of the bonus game. This leads to a great animated screen game and other exciting additions.

Disadvantages of video slots

One of the things that make video slots so great is also one of the downsides. Most games let you bet more than one coin per line, so even penny slots can quickly bet up to $5. However, you will often find that you do not need to bet more than one coin per line, so be sure to read the payout tables to verify before you start playing.

It is therefore important to play at least every payline to avoid any further disappointment. There is nothing worse than having the highest jackpot out of any combination of symbols in a line that you have not bet on. It all comes from learning a little about the game you're about to play before you start playing.

Which type of slots are better?

If you are concerned that five reel slots have much worse odds compared to three reel slots simply because they have more reels. I would like you to know that the number of reels does not affect the payout percentage or your chances of winning. Three reels pays 98% and five reels 98% payouts. In the long run, the payouts are the same.

If you want to stretch your playing budget, video slots are often a better option as they have a higher hit rate, meaning you can play longer in less time, even if you don't win big.

Ultimately, it depends on personal choice. Playing all kinds of slot machines is all about entertainment, so make sure to play the slots you love and have fun.


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