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Differences between online slots and casino slots

In the early days of online gambling, the slots games found online were far from the ones you find at casinos in terms of quality and jackpots. These days these things are so similar that you can be forgiven if you thought your computer was actually a slot machine. In this article, we will look at the differences between online and offline slot machines.

Differences between online slots and casino slots

Online slot machines have many aspects in common with slots at casinos. This is because all the slot machines in casinos now have computer chips that generate spin results.

Therefore, playing online slots offers the same experience with a few exceptions. Online you play with virtual coins instead of real coins, of course when you play online for real money your virtual coins are equal to real coins. The other obvious difference is that you can play whenever you want from the comfort of your own home, no need to travel far to play at the casino.

Payout Percentage

Since online casinos have lower operating costs, casinos tend to offer higher payouts than casinos. All casinos listed on All Online Slots have payout percentages that are guaranteed by reputable accounting firms. See the latest casino payout percentage.

Without a doubt because the payouts available are comparable. Provided that what is offered is not higher than what is offered in the casino. And considering you don't have hotel and travel expenses, if you spend the same amount of money gambling on vacation, you'll save quite a bit of money.

Comp and Bonus slots

This is one real difference. It is very unlikely that any online casino will offer you free food. but besides this Online casinos also offer some types of comp programs for regular players.

Most offer comp programs where the more you play, the more points you earn, which you can usually redeem for additional casino credits.

Progressive Jackpot

While the jackpots available online don't stop at the tens of millions of dollars jackpots it used to in casinos. And it's still getting bigger and bigger jackpots.

Smaller jackpots ranging in size from $5,000 to over $100,000 are regularly hit online. With so many progressive slots linked between multiple casinos, the jackpots are increasing and winning fast. View live jackpot totals.

Another bonus is that all progressive jackpots won online are paid in one installment. This means that if you win $1,000,000, you will receive one check for a million dollars. At casinos, most of the big jackpots are paid out to players over time in annual installments.


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