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Concept-rich slot design - let the player

This article will mainly discuss how to fit into the design method of slot games.

Understand design

As the title suggests, this is the "design" of the slot game. Of course there must be a lot of personal opinions in there. When you feel the game is fun, but others may think it's not fun. First of all, you have to think about who this game is for? And how to design it to make players think it's fun?

Admin believes that everything related to design must take these into considerations ;You won't serve pizza to customers at a sushi restaurant.You won't show off sexy pajamas in a suit shop.You won't play classical music at a rock festival.

First, understand your preferences. culture, including many factors of the guests you serve You will then need to know what you are supposed to provide for your guests.Like the design of the slot game We have to calculate and analyze what kind of games the players in the market have. After that, gradually start designing.

Understand the market

What is the gap between players and games in different markets?

if you have a chance You can go to Las Vegas Casino and Macau Casino, you might be inspired to design a slot game. Or you can compare them in the game slots of different online platforms. To choose a theme Variety of rules, number of players, etc. Game features will have different designs in different markets.

Understand players

How do we know the player's preferences?

If you want to know which games are especially popular. You can sum up the player's characteristics from this game. If there was a way to observe the players directly on the spot Can secretly notice what the player likes. And this is an opportunity to compare with real machines.

If you have time and money to spare You can use your money to try it out. allowing you to experience the player's experience Of course, there are many other ways. Which the above article has already explained to you, do not forget that all designs are intended for game lovers. What players think is important. Learn the minds of players to be able to design the next game. And most importantly, it can produce good games.


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