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NBA / taunting the aging of the Lakers, George Karl's acidity breaks the table in one sentence.

The Lakers made a big reinforcement this summer and showed their ambition to compete in the new season. However, the average age of the players in the team has aroused heated discussions. The legendary NBA coach George Karl also took the opportunity to ridicule, and the acidity broke the table.

George Karl continues the NBA's Trash-talk tradition
George Karl continues the NBA's Trash-talk tradition

The Lakers, who tried to defend the defeat last season, first recruited Russell Westbrook in the offseason to form the "New Big Three" with LeBron James and A. Davis and then get a vote Veterans help out, including 37-year-old Carmelo Anthony, 36-year-old Trevor Ariza, and 35-year-old Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo and others. Coupled with yesterday’s rumor that the 34-year-old star center D. Jordan (DeAndre Jordan) will join with a basic salary contract, the average age of the Lakers in the new season will be as high as 31.8 years old setting the second oldest record in history.

In this regard, the "aging" phenomenon of the Lakers lineup has aroused ridicule from many outsiders. The legendary coach Karl tweeted: "This team is headed straight to the 2012-2013 NBA championship." and show Lakers player lineup.This means that if time is pushed forward a few years, many players are at their peak, but now they are veterans.

Rondo talks "age" about Lakers players

"Pitch wisedom is definitely the key to winning the championship, and we have a lot." Rondo said when talking about the age of the team: "I talked to Ariza. He has played for 17 years and LeBron is 18 years, so we have some very experience. Rich people, they have maintained a high standard and played in the league for many years."

Rondo added: "So I don't worry about anything, nor do I worry about the audience saying that our age will affect the game. I think thinking is the key to our victory this year."


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