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Decided to leave the NBA temporarily to join the European basketball

After joining the NBA in 2020 and playing for the Nuggets for two years, defender Markus Howard has now decided to leave the United States for a while and will join the La Liga professional basketball team Baskonia. He also recently explained that the decision was made because of financial considerations to support a family.

The past two years have been two-way contracts, and Howard said frankly: "I've been in the NBA for two years, and to be honest, I can still get two-way contracts with many teams, and even play more games. But at the end of the day, I don't want to have any more experience in gold."

"I don't plan to do this again. I have a family to support, not just myself. I want to make money and feel that I can earn my due salary." He continued, the average playing time in the past two years is only 5.6 minutes , Howard also emphasized that this test made himself more aware of cherishing opportunities.


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