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NBA/Sun home field cheers for the Lone Rangers, Kidd loses to many people who miscalculate the fiasc

Today (16th), the Lone Ranger staged a surprising and shocking show, beating the leading Suns 123-90, and marching into the Western Championship with a series of 4-3. Faced with such a disparate result, coach Jason Kidd also joked after the game.

"No one gave us any chance to win, and a lot of people thought it was going to be a lopsided game, and they were right, but they didn't put us on the winning side," Kidd said, while watching the game away. Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki also called it amazing.

Nowitzki said on Twitter: "Here there is a cheer for the Lone Ranger." Kidd also further said that seeing the Suns can't use their fists in this game, "You can see that they were under pressure in the early part of the game. , a lot of shots that would normally be scored were not made.”

Mavericks retired star Dirk Nowitzki (left) celebrates the promotion with his younger brother after the game.


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