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Casino Baccarat Formula

If you want to win in online casinos You must know some secrets about casinos.

Here are some of the casino formulas that both beginners and experienced players need to know.

Online Baccarat Formula 6 Point Tutorial Guide for Beginners

Learn the following 6 online baccarat skills to make your money more smoothly.

1. Bet less when playing Baccarat "Tie"

in the basic rules of baccarat Player can choose to vote on three outcomes "Banker, Player and Tie" based on probabilistic calculation and the banker's expected value is approximately 1.06. The % and Player advantage is about 1.24%, which means that for every 100 RMB bet, the Player loses 1.06 RMB (Banker) or 1.24 RMB (Player), respectively.

2. Want to make bets with the "Banker"

Based on Technique 1, we can find that the "Banker" bet in Baccarat is the best choice. Since the banker's casino has the lowest edge of the three scenarios, someone once did a statistical analysis of Baccarat probabilities and found that the dealer's probability of winning was greater than 50%. In the case of long-term bets It's because the dealer's win rate is much higher. So if you play baccarat and win Your money will be charged 5%.

3. Add when opening dealer

If you want to win big baccarat The most important thing is to add Assume that the player bet on the banker wins after winning the first time. You can instantly increase the banker's bet again. Although the chances of the dealer appearing are much higher than the players and tie. But there is no guarantee that the dealer will be open.

So, once again, remind you not to bet on the dealer just because you win two or three games in a row, in the end the dealer still has a 1.06% casino advantage and you wouldn't be lucky enough to win every game without it. loss

4. How to view baccarat techniques

Presenting Technique 3. If you fail while chasing victory, please do not immediately choose to continue betting. Usually if there is a chance of winning ahead My advice to players in this situation is to slow down and observe a few games before making any further bets.

At this time, the player must first "look at the road" to see if the cards that appear on the field match what you want, and then continue to pursue victory.

5. "Tie" ignored when it appears.

Baccarat games in almost every casino now require the player's bet to be refunded if a draw is reached.

A draw, like a tie, is no longer a way to bet. Therefore, when looking at the road, if you see a tie you can ignore

6. Switching between Banker and Player: When losing "Free", immediately switch to "Banker".

If you initially bet on a player and lose after the draw. At this time, please immediately switch back to the dealer. There is no other reason as the dealer's chances of winning are quite high and there may be situations. "Win in a row" from time to time.


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