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How to Find the Best Online Casino Slots?

Do you like to play slot machines?

Many people have the same preferences as you. Online slot machines are as popular as physical slot machines.

What I love about online slots is that you get the exact same extra benefits as playing physical slots. You can play licensed slot machines such as Iron Man or Terminator; you can play slots for progressive jackpots; you can play slots with various stakes (as low as $0.3 per column); you can play Hundreds, if not thousands, of unique slot machines to choose from.

But some perks are usually only available by playing online slot machines, which makes people want to bet at home rather than spend a lot of money and time traveling to Las Vegas or Macau.

For example, many online casinos offer deposit bonuses: after depositing funds, the casino will give you a sum of money as a bonus. You can also play slot machines anytime, anywhere using your mobile device. Try your luck by choosing one of the online slot machines of Macau casinos.

These are just two reasons why you should play online slots. There are several other reasons, which are explained in more detail below, but let's start with an introduction to online slot machines.

If you want to learn more about how we choose the best slot machine casinos, including what a casino should have, and how jackpots and bonuses work, keep reading and we'll explain in more detail below.

Why is it so important to choose an online slot machine casino?

The only thing you can be sure of is that there is no casino for all slot players. This may come down to personal preference, budget, or things beyond your control, such as where you live.

That being said, I would like to highlight some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a slot machine casino for myself.

  • software manufacturer

The first factor I would consider is who the software manufacturer is and how many software manufacturers the casino works with. For example: jili slots, jdb slots, pg slots.

The slot machines developed by each software manufacturer are different. This can also mean the opportunity to play a variety of slot machines, such as: 3D slots, big jackpots or movie or TV themed slots.

If you want to play a specific type of slot machine, it's a good idea to learn more about the big software companies so you can see which casinos they work with. Other sections of this site have information about software vendors. We also mention the software vendors that each casino works with in the comments.

In addition to specific software vendors, I recommend readers to find casinos that work with multiple software companies. This will give you the largest selection of slot machines (hundreds), sometimes thousands, and variety, as most companies use slightly different themes, graphics, etc.

  • Mobile Slots

Another factor I would consider is whether you can play mobile slots. Some casinos have rolled out mobile slot machines, while others are still delaying or catching up.

Not only do you need to find out if the casino offers mobile slot machines, but also how many slot machines are available for you to choose from. Since many casinos are still new to mobile games, there may only be a dozen or two dozen mobile games available, with only a handful of them being slot machines.

Kind tips! :

If you can find a casino that offers an instant (browser) casino, it's probably the best option for you in terms of the number of slot machines (without sacrificing quality). Our reviews include action game descriptions provided by each casino.

Finally, you need to know which mobile devices each online casino is compatible with. The most common options are Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Blackberry and Windows mobile devices are subject to availability.

  • Free Slots

Can I play for free? I take this extra into consideration when evaluating an online casino. There are several reasons for this.

One reason is that free play is a great way to evaluate a casino and its software support and other areas before placing any cash bets. Who would want to deposit thousands or tens of thousands of dollars only to find out that the casino sucks.

It's also a neat way to test out a slot machine before you bet for a bonus. That way, you can put all your money on the machine you love.

Another reason to look for free slot machines is that sometimes you just want to play a few for free. Maybe you want to kill time before a date, or watching TV, but don't want to spend it yet.

Finally, playing for free is a great way to get a feel for how a slot machine works: which combinations pay out, and what triggers the additional bonus levels and jackpots.

Keep in mind that the free experience will not pay you cash if you win a bonus level or jackpot.

Denominations and slot machines with special play

In short, my ideal slot machine would accept the bets I hoped for.

When playing physical slot machines, I often encounter situations like "I will find a machine I am interested in", "or a slot machine I have played before" and then I will sit down and put in a little money, but find that the lower limit of each column is about 30 yuan . And I only want to play slot machines with a lower limit of less than 10 yuan per column.

I would consider this carefully before choosing a casino to bet on, as each casino has different slot machines.

I will also use the same method to evaluate special gameplay and additional bonus levels. Some casinos plan to buy slot machines that have many special difficulties (super jackpots, special prizes, multipliers, etc.) and additional bonus levels "due to the software manufacturers they cooperate with", but some casinos do not have these options.

Our reviews usually include these details. But it doesn't hurt to sign up for a free account and play a few slot games for free to double-check what kind of slot machine you want before you make a deposit.

What are the important factors for slot players?

Compared with players in other parts of Macau, there are some troubles that Taiwanese players will encounter, or some factors that need to be considered.

First of all, choose a casino with a qualified business license. These casinos are operating illegally. "It is very important to ensure that these casinos operate legally." If you can, you can rely on our reviews and reviews "This is the fastest way for you to find legal and safe casinos".

Another way is to check the license. I wouldn't take this too seriously, as licenses are relatively cheap and the rules and regulations in most jurisdictions are not strict.

You can (and should!) visit casino forums and review sites like jiliko slot casino and otso bet casino as I find these review sites less honest and less biased than others.

Don't just look at the casino "be sure to also look at the software vendor". For example, for a long time, I have been promoting all the casinos that work with the software company jili slots, famous for their 3D slot machines, which are a lot of fun to play.

Want to play the jackpot? Several factors to consider

Jackpots are a lot of fun. Every round you have a chance to win the jackpot is a lot of fun in itself "because once you hit the jackpot, you can win tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars."

But there is also the possibility of winning the jackpot. These prizes are not $30, $100, tier 2 or 3, but jackpot jackpots that "can be in the tens, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars."

It is also possible to win the jackpot jackpot by playing online slot machines. Here are some things you need to know before you sit down and play a slot machine.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the casino withdrawal limit. Check your withdrawal options and see if they can claim huge jackpots.

Apart from that, you also need to check the limits set by the casino. Sometimes both are exactly the same, sometimes not.

But almost all online casinos have daily, weekly and monthly withdrawal limits. Sometimes the withdrawal limit is as low as 100,000 yuan per week, and sometimes the withdrawal limit can be as high as 1 million yuan per week.

The reason why this is important is obvious "If you can only withdraw 100,000 yuan per week or 400,000 yuan per month, it will take more than two months for the 1 million yuan jackpot to be withdrawn." This is terrible, because we often Heard the news that the online casino went out of business after a few months of operation.

Even though $500,000 per month is too low "because the limit is too low for that period. But in the worst case, you can at least withdraw most jackpots for a few months or a year."

Best Slots Casino expressly states that jackpots are not bound by their (limited) terms. If you win the jackpot, the casino will pay you in full immediately.

These are the rarer casinos, but if everything else works for you, these are the casinos for you.

Want bonuses or other perks?

Now slot machine players can easily and without hassle to find various promotions and offers. In fact, most online casinos have different events and offers.

So the difficulty is not finding the deals, but finding the "best deals". Some of the factors you need to check include:

  • Discounted price.

  • Bet multiplier.

  • Disable or set disadvantaged slot machines.

  • Other offers.

  • Let's start with the first factor.

Discounted price

The first factor you need to check is the offer amount. Under the same conditions, you want the money you deposit, or the money you spend to get the maximum return. If the matching rate reaches 100%, you can win a bonus of up to 10,000 yuan, then do not choose the 5,000 yuan bonus under the same matching rate.

This is often not the case under the same conditions.

For example, your options now include winning up to $5,000 with a 100% match rate, up to $2,500 with a 200% match rate, or up to $2,000 with a 150% match rate. What will you do?

Whenever possible, I'll choose a play with a higher match rate "even if it means getting a lower total offer". The reason I do this is that I take less risk. I put in less money, but at least get the same amount of savings. For example, if the matching rate reaches 200%, you can win up to 2,500 yuan.

But I also wouldn't say anyone who opted for the 150% matching deal was unwise. Even though I invested less money, the match ratio would still be better than 1:1.

That's my point.

But if you have some spare cash, don't mind the risk, and want to win as much money as possible, you might as well choose the play with the biggest payout.

betting multiplier

Assuming the match rates are the same or similar, the next factor you should check is the bet multiplier.

Also, under the same conditions, you should choose the lowest bet multiplier. The lower the bet multiplier, the less money you have to risk before you can withdraw cash.

In other words, the lower the bet multiplier, the more likely you are to withdraw your cash and leave without losing your winnings to the casino.

This means that under the same conditions, you should choose to play 35x instead of 40x. However, each casino handles this issue differently.

For example, some casinos only offer betting multipliers tied to bonuses. If you deposit 1,000 yuan to get a 1,000-yuan bonus, then the 40-fold game tied to the bonus needs to invest 40,000 yuan.

However, some casinos offer a betting multiplier tied to the deposit and bonus. In the above example, you need to invest 40,000 yuan before you can withdraw cash.

Both are very large sums, given that you are only playing the house-dominant game for the $1000 bonus. But obviously, you need to avoid the $40,000 option as much as possible.

Disabled and disadvantaged slot machines

These types of slot machines are rare, but sometimes the slot machine is not very beneficial to the dealer, "the payout is too big", or the risk of the player making a big profit is too high.

So one of the things that casinos might do is put a handicap on the slot machines. None of your bets will be considered equal, which means you'll need to raise your bet to win.

Assuming the casino puts a handicap on the slot machine, only half of your bet will be admitted. This means that you have to double your bet to win back your winnings. A 40x play (in the example above) would become 80x, possibly 80x the deposit and winnings.

Is it worth it? It's entirely up to you. But I don't think it's worth it at all.

A casino may disable a slot machine entirely if the slot machine is not disadvantaged. So you have to decide what you want the most. Playing slot machines means that you must win back your bet amount before you can continue to play slot machines to win money.

Other offers

Another factor you need to check is other offers. Some casinos offer dozens of deals, which is too many, while others offer just one or two deals and expect it to impress you.

You need to find a balance between "great deposit bonus and some extra perks". Some of the deals I recommend you check out are as follows:

☆Registration discount: It has been explained above. It's best to find great deals as well as high match rates and reasonable bet multipliers.

★Points rebate: Most of the time, these rebates are used for subsequent cash exchange. Like bonus amount and bet multiplier, you need to find a rebate program that works for you: every 10 yuan/100 yuan spent will get you a lot of rebate, and can re-exchange 1 yuan with as little rebate as possible cash. This is player power because you're going to go back and play the slot machine anyway to win.

☆VIP level: Some casinos have also launched a (multi-level) VIP program, your membership level and the additional benefits you can enjoy will be determined by the points you have. These include bonuses, faster withdrawals, cheaper withdrawal fees, 1-to-1 service, and more.

★Free trial: Many casinos offer free trial gold discounts. Sometimes these promotions are for free trials only, and sometimes free trials are listed as deposit bonuses. Either way, it's fine. Free Trials are often applied to certain slot machines, sometimes you need to use them all at once, and sometimes the casino will allow you to use them over a few days.

There is no right or wrong, you just need to find a casino that offers multiple deals and reasonable regulations. This is a subjective assessment, as everyone's expectations of what is "reasonable" are different.

other factors…

For slot machine promotions, you also need to check:

☆ Expiration Date: Will your offer expire? How long does it expire? If the time frame is short, it is difficult to use the offer. So you need to check and compare due dates. If the time frame does not fit, or if you know you won't be able to spend your bonus within that time frame, you may need to forfeit your bonus.

★Non-Cashable or Cashable: Some offers allow you to withdraw your winnings and/or your winnings. This is a cashable bonus. Keep in mind that some casinos deliver these bonuses on a rolling basis, while others allow you to do so freely. Sometimes these bonuses cannot be redeemed. Instead, these bonuses become points that you can use to win money and withdraw cash.

☆Free to play: When using the free trial bonus offer, the money you win sometimes needs to be matched with the multiplier, and then you can withdraw cash. Sometimes this is not necessary. Some casinos allow cash to be converted to points, but you cannot cash it out and withdraw cash.

★Betting Limit: Many casinos will limit your betting amount per round/round if you use bonuses or promotions. The amount may be $30, $50, or $100. If you plan to bet larger amounts, you will need to check to see if the casino has set limits. Because if not checked, bets may be void, or bonuses and winnings cannot be withdrawn.

in conclusion

That's roughly it.

If you haven't played slot machines before, I highly recommend you do. Most of the slot machines I've played are free slot machines, because I've found that playing free slot machines can also be a lot of fun. But I prefer to play licensed slot machines.

Whether you want to play slots for bonus money, or play slots for free, the first thing you have to do is find the best slot casinos. The slot machines you can play, the jackpots you can win, and the bonuses and other perks you can claim depend on this.


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