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Calculation of the multiple formula for the "slot" of the sloth tiger

Among the current casinos on the market, which game is particularly popular among a group of people? The game is simple and easy to understand and does not require too much brainpower. It depends on the player's luck to decide who will win the grand prize? That's right, that's a "slot machine". Just like Scratch, winning or not winning is all luck, but the odds of winning will never be "0".

Slots can be learned in 5 seconds, but it's a lot of fun.

A slot machine is a simple jackpot game that is played simply by throwing coins into the slot machine.

Amazingly, slot machines are on the top best games list. Often many players play different kinds of free games to lay the groundwork for playing real money games.

And we will provide you with more high-quality, fresh and interesting games, you just need to spend some time to experience the fun, such as free online slot machines, which not only look exquisite, but also give you endless fun!

Even better news, you can now play online slots anywhere, not just on your computer but also on your mobile device. The speed and smoothness of its operation, even on the browser, will bring you a colorful experience.

This condition also applies to beginners, you can integrate into the world of slot machine gambling without any expense!

Introduction of Slot Machine

Slot machine English slot machine, when it comes to slot machine, it must be a famous game that everyone knows and knows about. Unlike most other games, slot machines do not need to bet face-to-face with the player or the dealer, but instead face rows of machines.

Since it is possible to have the dream of a local tyrant just by relying on the machine, and the slot machine is more inclined to the nature of pure play, it is always loved by most people in major casinos. If you just want to simply go to the casino to experience the gaming atmosphere or have fun, it is generally recommended to play Slots first. As for the game rules of slot machines, how to distinguish the odds of winning and the types of machines?

Slots Game Rules

First of all, the terms that many people hear, such as slot machines, slot machines, fruit machines, and slot machines, are actually referring to the same game item. In order to unify the words, the following will be collectively referred to as "slot machines". The gameplay of the slot machine is very simple, as long as the player puts in the amount and activates the handle or button, the reels start to spin rapidly.

As for the way of betting, the number of lines of gambling will increase according to the number of coins put in each time. For example, if you only place one coin, you can only bet on the middle column; if you place two coins, you can also bet on the upper column; if you place 3 coins, you can bet on the next column; if you place 4 coins and 5 coins, you can even bet on two diagonal lines. bet.

Slots Winning Odds

Because the slot machine is the relationship between the machine, the winning rate is completely controlled by the computer, usually the probability is about 75%~95%. While it may be said that the more lines you wager, the higher your chances of winning, it's all about luck.

Of course, there is also a small strategy that can help players screen various machines. For example, if you don’t win the lottery at the same machine more than 6 times, please change another machine; if you don’t win the lottery for 4 consecutive machines in the same casino, it means that you should change to another casino as soon as possible. !

The formula for calculating the slot multiplier

In addition to the choice of the basic betting line, the game machine also has the betting of "reward points multiple", there are five choices of 1 times, 2 times, 5 times, 10 times, 20 times, plus the combination of "betting lines", if the 10 cents (angles) of the God of Wealth's model calculation, the choice of 1x bet line (explained before), 2x is 1x 1 line bet ↑ 10 cents multiplied by 2 is 20 cents (2 corners), with By analogy, 3 times the 1-line bet ↑ is 3 points (1 point is 10 cents), and 5 times the 1-line bet is 5 points (5 corners).

If the multiple of line bet is calculated, 5 times of 3-line bet ↑↑↑ times 7 is 35 points (3 pieces of 5 yuan), 10 times of 5-line bet is fully open, 25 points multiplied by 10 times is 250 cents (25 Yuan), the multiple calculation method = the points of 1 line bet several straight ↑, multiplied by the betting multiple, the line bet has 5, 10, 20 cents and 1 yuan of game machines.

If the guest plays a game machine with a bet of 1 yuan (1 point/yuan), and chooses 20 times the upper limit of the bet, 3 horizontal line ↑ line bet 5 straight line → full opening, 25 points multiplied by 20 equals 500 points/yuan, then press button B. 500 yuan/NTD, with a multiple of 5 times the bet line being fully opened, (with a 10mm extension) 5 times 25 points 125/corner = 12.5 yuan/NTD, the "multiplier" causes the gaming machine to be prone to speculative gaming entertainment.

The "multiple" high bonus points attracts the interest of high rollers, and also causes ordinary entertainment junkies, who have contradictory psychology and do not know where to choose. They only see the temptation of gambling bonus points for gamblers. Money, so the gameplay of "multiples" takes into account the financial resources of the fighters and whether they are willing to speculate. Otherwise, they should focus on entertainment games.

Of course, there are also lower options for "multiple bets", such as 2 times for the all-open bet, 5 times for the 3-line bet, 10 times for the 2-line bet, and 20 times for the 1-line bet. ’, the fighter has the basis for his own calculations, and it is also the experience accumulated by the fighter. How can others be shaken by a few words? The suggested gameplay must be determined by the fighter.

Therefore, the purpose of playing the "multiplier" of the game machine is not to want more bonus points, and the bonus points will not shrink. Only 5 bet lines are fully opened, which can reduce the "multiplier", but cannot reduce the "bet line". Because the difference between the bonus points is quite large, and the reduction will cause the regret of losing points, so playing the "multiplier" cannot reduce the "betting line", so as to have the opportunity to get the benefits of the "multiplier".

In addition, in the "multiplier" game, the amount of winning and losing is very considerable. It is not necessary to fight the planes for a long time. There must be a "take it as soon as you see it" approach, and the concept of "less lose when you win". Out, how much has been swallowed by the slot machine, when everything is over at the end (refer to the selection of the bet line), why not quit the machine in disappointment.

Lao Qian's Slot Eating Tiger Skills

The game machine "calculation of multiples", from another point of view, there is a "free game" gift, the accumulation of distribution points, it is possible to win back the Ben Lieni once, with a bet of 20 times the 5-line full open, "free game" If there is a combination of "God of Wealth", depending on the number of selections, there are also differences in the number of multiples.

With the "free game" selected 8 times, there are at least 5 times the double points. If there is 5A, it is 200 points, multiply the bet line multiplier 20, and then multiply the free game 5 times by 5 times (without the God of Fortune pattern, there is no additional multiplier, Only 1,000 points ﹞, you can get 10,000 points at a time, which is indeed very tempting for gamblers. If you reduce the multiple or reduce the betting line, then the gap between the bonuses will be very large. With 1x and 5 lines, 5A is basically The bonus is 200 points, multiplied by 5 times (rewards in free games) to calculate only 1000 points.

If the betting line is reduced into four patterns, the maximum bonus is 100 points. No matter what the calculation is, it is still a speculative game. The 5-line bet is fully opened to play the "multiplier". Satisfied with the bonus points, there is no need to change the full opening of the betting line. It is really not as good as people want to quit the machine.

Of course, don't have the mentality of fluke, thinking that reducing the "multiplier" or "betting line" can first stabilize the loss, and then try to reverse the attack, which is also a futile approach.

It is not a fixed way of playing the game. It can reduce the "multiplier", but cannot reduce the "bet". Often the game chance will run in the opposite direction, which will make the gamer have regretful behavior. The game caused the hitters to lose points and play in an early ending.

There are also "small betting lines and large multipliers" to get bonus points beyond the calculation, but it must be a small number of fighters, why bother to toss yourself so much, if you can't have fun, you will have to worry about it. It is not a very difficult and boring game, it is better to use equivalent points Doing the all-open line may have a more satisfying result.

The control of the slot machine is in the hands of the casino, the gambler is absolutely unable to defeat the machine, and the chance of pulling out the jackpot is as slim as "fishing for the moon in the stars". But in fact, some ordinary prizes will still be generated from the so-called "97% odds". If we are lucky, after fighting a slot tiger for a while, we are lucky to be in a state of "temporary winning". Those winning money does not come from the casino, but from the previous or next gambler's 97% % gambling capital.

Because the casino is also playing the role of the "banker" when playing slot machines. After taking 3% of the gambling capital first, it begins to use 97% of the gambler's gambling capital to let everyone fight each other to win or lose. After that, through the thrilling and interesting design and functions of the slot machine, some or all of the 97% of the gambler's gambling capital will be taken into the tiger's mouth.

Adhering to the mentality of "Small loss is a win, a small win is a victory"

Casinos all over the world are basically good places for leisure and vacation. The food, drink and entertainment there are relatively cheap compared to other areas, and the joyful atmosphere of the casino is even more difficult to create in ordinary cities. Every year, I go to the casino several times with my family to enjoy the relaxation, ease, and freedom there. Even if you know that the chances of winning money at the casino are small, but every time you go there, you will still enter the casino and deal with interesting gaming facilities.

But the mentality of the editor is "a small loss is a win". Because, the fun and easy process is won; "a small win is a win". Because, beats the casino's well-designed machines. In casinos, most of them are dealing with different slot machines. Over the past few years, I have accumulated some experience, and I have also figured out some tips, so I can often draw a tie with the "Tiger", and occasionally win a little bit.

Win or lose is all about enjoying the vacation. There are common sayings like "diligence and thrift to get rich" and "hard work to be successful", but the saying "gambling to get rich" has never been heard. The main purpose of going to the casino is a leisure vacation, and going to the casino to play slot games is just a part of the vacation. Therefore, it is not advisable to have an excessive mind about gains and losses, which leads to putting the cart before the horse and transposing the subject and the object. If small wins are regarded as "desserts", small losses are like "bitter gourd", each with different tastes. There is only a large plate of bitter gourd on the table, and it will be quite hard to eat; however, if the table is full of desserts, there will be nothing left for other food, and it will teach people how to lay the chopsticks, right?


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