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Can you do something better than betting on the banker's side in baccarat?

Baccarat is relatively easy to play compared to most table games. There are only a few betting options, the main ones being Banker, Player and Tie bets.There are also a few side bets in this game, but you only need to know the main bet to be able to play the game.

Let's say you want to get the best chance of winning. So you just bet with the dealer every time. This simple rule makes the strategy of playing baccarat very easy to understand.So is there anything that can increase your chances of winning besides betting on the banker's side? I'll answer this question below, covering a few different ways to increase your odds.

Why is Banker Betting Important?

You just have to bet on the dealer to get the best odds. and finally Banker bets give the player the best return (RTP) on any Baccarat bet.

Here are the payout percentages for the three main bets:

Banker's win = 98.94% RTP return

Winning on Player Side = 98.76% RTP Return

If the result is a draw = RTP yield of 96.15% (payout ratio 9:1) or 85.64% (payout ratio 8:1).

The casino charges a 5% commission on banker bet wins. but still This type of bet still offers the highest payback.Betting on the Player side has the second highest return rate of 98.6%, so you might consider making a bet if you're swapping bets for fun.Draw bets offer the highest payouts among these betting pools. however It still has the lowest payback of the bunch. It has to be a payout ratio of 9:1 to get a return of 96.15%.

Can the rate of return in Baccarat be higher than 98.94%?

In many cases the rate of return in Baccarat is not greater than 98.94%, however. You can drive higher payback in difficult situations. Here are the three main cases where you can enjoy a higher payout percentage.

Single deck baccarat

as in blackjack The number of decks also affects the rate of return in baccarat. I have mentioned many times that the payback of bets on the dealer is 98.94%.however This number can be rounded up. In an eight-deck game, the return rate is exactly 98.936%. A six-deck game has a yield of 98.938%.There is not much discrimination between these numbers. And you won't get much of an advantage when switching from an eight-deck table to a six-deck table game.

However, you'll get a bit more from playing a single-deck game. Because in single-deck baccarat the yield is 98.98%, although this variation is not much of a difference, at least it is more noticeable in the gap between the six-deck table and the eight-deck table deck.

close-up view of baccarat table

Here's an example showing how much you can win at a single-deck game when you risk a total of $10,000:

Single deck baccarat

RTP is 98.98%.

10,000 x 0.9898 = 9,898.00

You get $9,898.00 cashback.

Six deck baccarat

RTP is 98.938%.

10,000 x 0.98938 = 9,893.80

You get $9,893.80 cashback.

Eight deck baccarat

The RTP is 98.936%.

10,000 x 0.98936 = 9,893.60

You get $9,893.60 cashback.

EZ Baccarat game

In EZ baccarat it sounds like a dream as it doesn't charge any commissions. from winning in the banker's bet Instead, you will receive the full prize money.

However, the benefit of this game is the special game rules that compensate for the lack of commissions. If the dealer wins with 3 7-cards, you push more than get paid.

Fortunately, this kind of situation only occurs in 2.25% of the cycle. The net result is that EZ baccarat offers an RTP of 98.98%.

Baccarat with reduced commissions

Baccarat games with reduced commissions are the best. Because only 4% commission will be charged for winning bets on the banker side.1% reduction in commission may not sound like much. But it has a serious impact on payback. Because you will enjoy a 99.40% rate of return due to lower commissions in the game of Baccarat.

One problem with this game is that it is not widely available. Isleta Resort and Casino is the only place I know of that feature in this version.however Some casinos offer tables with reduced commissions as a promotion. and if you find this game Then you should definitely sit at that table!

Disadvantages of Finding a Better Baccarat Game

The obvious benefit of playing high RTP baccarat is that you earn more money. As you can see from below. Such a gaming table is in no way losing interest to a group of happy people playing baccarat.

Land-based casinos only

You will not find the previously described opportunities in mobile casinos. Because single deck baccarat games, EZ baccarat games and reduced commission games are only available on land locations.This fact may not bother you. If you are mainly interested in playing at a storefront casino. But it would be nice if the same opportunity still exists on the mobile gaming website.Of course, you will still be able to earn RTP of 98.94% at any online casino. But you just won't get the chance to play the best baccarat game.


Even if you scout for land-based casinos with a payback better than 98.94%, you'll find it difficult to find what you're looking for.Because some casinos in major gambling venues like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Biloxi and Detroit have better games. and in general Casinos do not like having single deck games or lower commission games.Especially the latter is a rare game in the gaming world. Because the casino will only offer the player a reduction in commissions as a promotion.You might have more luck finding the EZ baccarat table game, and it certainly offers a slightly better RTP of 98.96%.The fact that top baccarat games are only available in land-based casinos means that you will have to make a higher minimum bet.The minimum bet at land-based casinos ranges from $5 all the way up to $10. You just have to risk $1 per eye in online baccarat.Maybe you're not the type of person who likes to gamble with small bets. If you want to place the lowest minimum bet possible. Then you will need to play baccarat on mobile.

Should you be scouting for Baccarat with a higher RTP?

You will see that there are pros and cons to playing the special games mentioned here. By the games mentioned above, EZ is a single deck game. And baccarat with reduced commissions all have higher payout percentages.If you've ever wanted better odds than the games available online at Baccarat. Then these games will give you that opportunity.

Baccarat Grand Downtown Table

However, on the other hand You will need to spend time searching for these opportunities. Many land-based casinos do not offer single-deck table games or reduced-commission games.

You just have to bet more when you find the best paying baccarat game. Land-based casinos require a minimum wager of at least $5, but some attractive establishments on the Las Vegas Strip require a minimum wager of $10 per hand.

In short, you may have to weigh the pros and cons of whether it's worth it to find Baccarat with the highest RTP. You may not find the effort that will be worth your time.

Other Considerations

The direct player return percentage for each betting option and game is not the only thing you need to consider. There are two other factors that affect your returns. That is online bonuses and casino rewards programs, both of which are useful.

Most online baccarat bonuses do not increase your returns. But there are few things that can be done. The main thing to look at is what you need to do to clear the bonus. If the clearing requirements are not too high You can clear bonuses and increase your rewards. Casino rewards programs are available in the best real money online casinos and in most land-based casinos. When you join the casino rewards program You will receive various gifts that will compensate for some of your losses.

Although this method is not the same as making more money. But it's still better than spending money on what you get as a reward.


Baccarat offers a good chance of winning due to its 98.94% payback, but you can do better than this RTP in some cases.

EZ baccarat is the most prevalent game with higher payout percentage with RTP of 98.98% with special rules.

The reduced commission is a very valuable aspect of different types of baccarat. With a yield of 99.40%, it makes it a very special game. however You should be prepared to find this game for a long time. Because baccarat tables with reduced commissions are usually only available as a promotion.


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