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Advice for Baccarat Gamblers

If you've been to any of the sticky floors of California playing cards. to Monaco's tuxedo-filled casinos. You may have seen baccarat games played in one form or another.

But you've probably never seen a play as graceful as Sean Connery's in the opening scenes of the first James Bond animated series.

The rules have a different touch. Depending on whether you're playing "punto banco" (where the action is predetermined by the numbers on the cards) or "chemin de fer" (where the relevant player can decide on a third card), the variation of baca. hara But the principle is the same: bet on the Player or Banker hand with the highest value after all cards are dealt. Nine was the best possible hand and didn't lose, which is why Mr Bond often ends up with it.

How does baccarat work?

The goal in baccarat is Having a hand that you bet on whether it's on the Player's side or the Banker's side. It is the best hand to deal with both cards. The winning hand is hand with score which if the last number is the same The symbols must be viewed in order. (The symbols on the cards are Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades) are closest to nine.The face-shaped card has a value of zero. and an ace counts as one Do you have cards that are faces and the number 8? If your point is not 18, it's 8. If your card is 3 and 4, then your score is 7, then if 9 and 7 add up, then your score is 16, but actually your score is 6. that's it that's the whole game.The only complexity is When each side uses a third card A simple chart is used to show when the Player's hand or the Banker's hand receives a third card. This does not occur when the player or the banker has an 8 or 9 after the first two cards are dealt. This is called "pocket".But when it doesn't happen Sometimes a third card is required by the player or the dealer player.If the player's hand is 0-5, they will draw a third card, but if there is a 6 or 7 they are (not drawn) and 8 or 9. That's a poker card. And there are cases when the player has 8 points and the banker has 9 points, which happens sometimes.Banker if there are six or more players. The dealer acts like the player: draws a third card with a hand of 0-5 points, staying with 6 or 7 points, and poking cards with 8 or 9.

But if the player gets a third card The dealer will abide by the following rules related to the score:

0, 1, 2: The dealer draws a card. Regardless of the player's third card

3: The dealer draws a third card. unless the player's third card is an 8.

4: The dealer draws a third card. If the Player's third card is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

5: The dealer draws a third card. If the Player's third card is 4, 5, 6 or 7.

6: The dealer draws a third card. If the Player's third card is 6 or 7

7: The dealer stays.

Please be aware of the above advantages given to the dealer. All winning bets against the dealer will pay a 5% commission on the game.

Tie Betting

If the player and the banker end with the same number of points The game will result in a draw. All Player and Banker bets will be refunded. This is the only time a tie bet is paid in case all others lose.


The best part of baccarat is It has the lowest handicap rate of any other game in the casino. The handicap rate for banker bets is 1.06 percent (including 5% commission), while player side bets is 1.24 percent.The payout of tie bets is usually 8-1 in casinos, so the house edge is 9.5%. This is a pretty bad bet so avoid.


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