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The Who, What, Where and How of the Slot Machine

If you are a die-hard fan of online slots, we are sure you have been wondering once. or twice where it all started If not, we'll tell you anyway! Given the high execution of casino gaming on Paddy Power, it's hard to believe that casino gaming used to be traditional, at least compared to the gaming options we have today.

So let's start with the word what?

Slot machines were originally known as armed robbers or fruit machines. The basic idea is that inserting at least one coin/token into the slot on the machine will give you the opportunity to activate your gaming experience by pulling a lever or pressing a button, after which it will be more for us. Familiar to today, the game will consist of reels, which are spinning columns with potentially profitable images commonly known as symbols. The winnings then drop into the chute at the bottom of the machine - but that's not always the case! At first, the first machines are found in the pub and you have to go up to the bar to receive the rewards, which come in the form of free cigarettes and drinks.

In 1891 America, Sittman and Pitt developed a five-card drum machine, which was filled with 50 cards. This machine was the start of everything, although such trophies had to be collected at the bar.

Charles Fey is credited with being the inventor of the first slot machine to be able to pay his own winnings and is expected to be produced sometime between the '90s. 1887-1895, although the exact date is unknown. To make this development possible, Fey simplified the game by replacing all five drums with three reels.

We also saw cards that transformed into just five key symbols: the heart, the diamond of spade, the horseshoe and the liberty bell. The key to winning big with this machine is to spin the three bell symbols and hence Fey named his instrument the Liberty Bell. Charles Fey was based in San Francisco when he invented the Liberty Bell during Working in various electronics companies quickly moved forward in 1907, and Chicago-based manufacturer Herbert Mills developed Operator Bell.

Since the ban on slot machines in 1902, cash prizes are no longer an option when it comes to this type of game. Operator is full of fruit symbols and the prizes come in the form of chewing gum and sweet treats with a corresponding flavor. Matching Fruit In 1908, Mills machines could be found in all tobacco shops, bowling alleys, and salons. Operator Bell is also the birthplace of the iconic BAR, which we still remember today.

But how did the concept of slots get to where it is today? In 1964 the first fully electromechanical slot was created by Bally and named Money Honey. As the reels spin electronically, the action is still triggered by a lever. This allows players to maintain a certain level of familiarity with the game. Despite its new look, Money Honey has the power to automatically pay out $500 at a time - openly!

By 1976, the first real video slots were launched by Las Vegas-based Fortune Coin Company. The Vegas Hilton Hotel was the first place to have these machines equipped with a 19-inch Sony TV screen. modified After a few tweaks This high-tech slot is certified by the Nevada Gaming Board and is distributed throughout the Las Vegas strip.

Finally, you might be wondering how classic games arrived online. In 1996 the internet had grown and the first online casinos were developed. With this exciting advance, players can play roulette. and blackjack from the comfort of your own home. The slots will come soon. And they have continued to grow with new themes and features ever since!


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