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Play'n GO introduces The Paying Piano Club slot game.

Paying Piano Club is a 3x3 slot that looks back to the early days on the frontier where people would come back from a hard day of finding and listening to fun music on the piano.

While 5x3 has replaced the classic 3x3 reels as the common grid size, Play'n GO still finds a huge audience for their 3x3 games. It's a variation on the popular Joker game with titles like Fire Joker, Mystery Joker 6000 and Sticky Joker

During 2020, they also received a positive response to the release of the innovative 3x3 Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay and Holiday Spirits Christmas themed releases. (Based on Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol) It seems that no matter what size grid size players like, Play'n GO has something to suit every interest. Found a home with an American audience.

which is their former raw material. This is a smart move away from suppliers as they try to bring their entertainment brands to the American shores after the latest developments in the market.

As a game, The Paying Piano Club is a straightforward slot. Plus it offers unlimited multipliers and free spins due to just two features that players will love.

CPO Martin Zettergren believes there is still room for a no-brainer. In today's slots market and it's important to maintain that diversity for your audience: “Sometimes players just want a more traditional slot game experience, which is why our 3x3 reels are. Popular, we give them a timeless look. But combine them with cutting-edge features and visuals to keep them updated as an industry classic staple.”

Paying Piano Club is now available. in many market segments!


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