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NBA style changes drastically,Rodman: don't want to watch a shooting matchup from 50 feet away

"the Worm" Dennis Rodman recently revealed in a show that he no longer watches NBA games because he wants to see the game full of confrontation instead of shooting from 50 feet all the time.

"I don't know, this kind of game is hard to watch. Once you use the way we played in the past, the confrontation between each other will be more intense, the game is full of competition. But now I don't want to see the players keep shooting the basket. Frame a ball 50 feet away. This is not basketball." Rodman said.

Compared with Rodman's era, the NBA style has undergone quite drastic changes. The most obvious difference is the use of three-pointers. In the 1997-98 season in which the Bulls completed their two-time triple dominance, the team averaged 11.7 three-pointers per game, but last season, Curry alone took 12.7 three-pointers per game, and the hit rate reached 42.1%.

"It's hard for you to watch this kind of game, but many kids like to watch it," Rodman said.

The difference between the NBA in the 90s and now

The group atmosphere prevailed and the feuds disappeared

Compared with the past 90s, the NBA now has a luxurious lineup of the Big Three, Big Four and even the "Big Five" at every turn, seriously disrupting the league's balance of strength and forming an M-type ecology of .

"The strong will always be strong and the weak will always be weak." As a result, sometimes fans can know the result without watching the game. At most, they start to lock the game seriously in the playoffs. However, once the championship game is over, the overall heat will decrease.

Allen Iverson’s breakthrough is almost unavailable in the current NBA
Allen Iverson’s breakthrough is almost unavailable in the current NBA

Whether it was the previous "Heat Big Three", "Warriors Big Four" or the current "Nets Big Five", the situation of the star group is indeed becoming more and more limitless, although for them, "winning the championship" is a great and great thing. For the glorious thing, we must achieve our goals at the expense of fame.

But from the perspective of our fans, this is just a "shortcut". Even if we finally win the championship, we may not receive much respect. And now the friendship between the players is getting closer and closer. It is no longer like the previous feuding combination of Lakers and Celtics, Pistons and Bulls, and there is less passion in the game.

The proliferation of the rotation system

Rotation is also called "load management." It was originally intended to protect the players' health through this measure, but now it has become an excuse for them to "intentionally ask for leave."

In the past, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich used it to the main players of the break. In addition, in the 2018/19 season, Tyrannosaurus coach Nick Nurse also adopted a rotation system to allow Kawhi Leonard to take a leave and rest. In the case of no major injuries, he only played the whole season. 60 regular games.

Although the above two cases did achieve good results in the end, it is quite unfair to the fans. After all, everyone still prefers to see their favorite stars playing on the court.

If it happens to be on a rotation, it would be very uncomfortable, not to mention those fans who specially bought tickets to enter the game; fortunately, the NBA has formulated relevant regulations for this season. If healthy players are on a rotation in the national live game. Absence will result in a fine of at least $100,000.

The game becomes a three-pointer contest?

In the past, three-pointers were used as a means of chasing points at best, but with the changing style of the times, it has now become the most important offensive option for most NBA teams.

The current NBA center must also be able to shoot three-pointers
The current NBA center must also be able to shoot three-pointers

According to statistics, in the 1990s, the average number of three-pointers taken by each team in the NBA was no more than 10 times. Now, almost every team has averaged at least 30 outside shots per game, which is a huge gap with the past. It also means that the " three-point era" is coming.

Back then, the fierce physical confrontation of big players in the penalty area, Hakeem Olajuwon's low post technique, Michael Jordan's backward jumper, Allen Iverson's small shots, now replaced by three-pointers, three-pointers, and countless.

Even the star-filled All-Star game has become a "jump shoot match"; of course, there may still be fans who find this kind of game with a large number of three-pointers very enjoyable, but for many senior fans, for some reason, it feels like Without the taste of "hot blood", watching the game is no longer as vigorous as it used to be.

More and more "delicate" players

After Adam Silver took over the NBA, referees tended to be strict in protecting the offense.Especially in the past few years, it is even more obvious that as long as there is a little "physical contact", it may cause the defender to foul, causing various and other unhealthy performance to appear on the court superior.

The Wizard’s Bill is the player with the most free throws this season.
The Wizard’s Bill is the player with the most free throws this season.

Players can use almost everything to create defensive fouls and make defense impossible. This is also one of the main reasons for the decline in physical resistance today.


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