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NBA / Pippen criticizes Jordan for selfishness and Jackson for racism

When Pippen was interviewed by GQ Magazine a few days ago, the host asked whether Kevin Durant surpassed LeBron James's views. Pippen said his views but caused Kevin Durant's dissatisfaction, and Pippen explained the process in another interview. But a more shocking message broke out.

Pippen broke with Jordan in the interview
Pippen broke with Jordan in the interview

In response to Kevin Durnat's dissatisfied tweet, the host asked Pippen "just being an analyst here looking at this, it didn't feel personal, but KD feel it and took it personally is that how you kind of assess that"

Then Pippen said "Yeah , that kind of how Kevin takes anything unless you're praising him and pushing him up, and I wasn't trying to in any way belittle him, I think he's a very talented player"

Phil Jackson's racism against Pippen

In the host’s conversation with Pippen, Pippen stated that he thinks Phil Jackson is a racist, because Jackson did not hand the key blow to himself in the 1994 Eastern Conference semifinals, but was the best 6th man Toni Kukoc at the time.

He also brought up the fact that Jackson once left the Lakers for a short time and published a book that attacked Kobe but returned to coaching the Lakers the following year.It made him feel very puzzled and dissatisfied!

Pippen believes that a team is a circle. Don't talk about bad things. This is the performance of a team. The team communicates in the locker room on its own, instead of publishing a book to attack the players of the team that you teach. It’s not what the head coach should do, and the starting point for all this is racism.

Michael Jordan's big decision but also a selfish decision

Pippen mentioned in the interview that Jordan’s decision to leave the Bulls to play baseball was very selfish, and he thought it was normal because Jordan was originally a selfish person and criticized the camera of "The Last Dance" by the way.

Pippen said that Jordan told everyone at the time The cameras around these people are to make a historical achievement of the Bulls which means that this is a documentary shared by everyone. But many years later, it is used in Jordan’s personal documentary.

And he and Jordan are a very good combination on the court and can win many games, but there is no brotherhood that everyone thinks in private. They don't even have any in-depth communication and are only limited to superficial conversations.


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