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NBA East and West District Top Five Ranking Prediction

Brooklyn Nets James Harden (left), Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James.

The NBA pre-season warm-up game began on Oct. 4 as Nets vs. Lakers. On the first day of the warm-up game, there was only one matchup which meant a championship game, which was very interesting.

In fact, the Nets and the Lakers are the top two in the gaming market to win the championship. The lower the odds, the higher the chance of winning. The star-studded Nets lead, and so do the stars, but the Lakers are the second-oldest in the history of players.

Before the pre-season warm-up game, this is my East and West rankings.

Eastern Conference rankings: 1, Bucks, 2, Nets, 3, Heat, 4, 76ers, 5, Celtic.

West End Ranking: 1, Lakers, 2, Suns, 3, Jazz, 4, Warriors, 5, Clippers

The biggest variables in the Eastern Conference rankings are the Nets, 76ers, Celtic and Eagles.

The Nets ’Big Three are James Harden, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving.

Nets Big Three Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Kevin Durant can have over 70% of shots and possession, and most of all, even close to 80%. It’s an absolute advantage and offensive weapon, but it’s also an one-off and targeted weapon. .

The most important foundation of a basketball team is tacit understanding + reasonable lineup depth + functional integration for each role. The starter or role last season, the best player on the bench, left forward Jeff Green, replaced by guard shooter Patty Mills. It feels so good. Patty Mills was shooting. Skills, three-point stability, scoring methods, and experience are foremost.

Typically, Patty Mills has the same roles, responsibilities and duties as Joe Harris, as does Tyler Johnson, and is very close to Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot. It’s hard and impossible for these four players to replace Jeff Green’s big and small forward and small lineup superiority.

The Nets need to train 22-year-old Nicolas Claxton, not to overuse Blake Griffin+LaMarcus Aldridge+Paul Millsap three old star forwards with similar position and functional experience. The integration, rotation, and positioning of the Nets team is similar to that of the Lakers. They all need time to reunite, establish a better understanding, and play the most reasonable defense.

Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers.

The 76ers are stuck with a Ben Simmons and can’t sell them. They stuck to their lineup and hired to trade. Last season, the number one 76ers in the Eastern Conference were still very variable. I can hardly predict that Celtic will recover and replace the Eagles in the Eastern Conference. This talented young team has changed coaches, made changes, learned to grow and upgrade.

Most experts and media are not optimistic about the Heat. I will not. Although Kyle Lowry is 35 years old and a bit older, he could be the most stable second or third scoring point for the Heat. He can encourage teammates and adjust the team at any time so Jimmy Butler can focus more on attacking, scoring, and playing aggressively. I am optimistic that the Heat will be a strong opponent in the Eastern Championship. The Heat are more competitive than the Hawks, 76ers and Celtic.

Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

The Lakers need time to find defensive, offensive integrity, and rounds to play together, especially when “LBJ” LeBron James really hits power forward, “AD” Anthony Davis plays in the middle, and Russell Westbrook plays ball, then the Lakers are probably big. mess. I don’t believe the Lakers can be a championship team with Russell Westbrook’s dominant rhythm and organization. The Lakers ’most important player is LeBron James. He needs to play MVP statistics and leadership ability. Anthony Davis sets the height of the Lakers. And performance.

As long as AD can hit 25 points and 12 rebounds, and maintain healthy and stable output in the playoffs, the Lakers ’path to winning the championship will be very stable.

Phoenix Suns Chris Paul.

The Suns retained their title team and old team last season. As long as Chris Paul has oil, the Suns are the top two teams in the Western Conference.

The Jazz and the Gold Nuggets aren’t too bad, and they’re all capable of making top five records in the Western Conference, but the playoffs aren’t their stage. The Western Conference playoffs still depend on the performances of the Lakers, Suns, and Warriors, that is, LBJ and Chris. Paul and Stephen Curry will still dominate the Western Conference championship.

Los Angeles Clippers Kawhi Leonard.

Whether the Clippers can be one of the favorites in the Western Championship depends on Kawhi Leonard’s health and performance after his return, Kawhi’s injury and when he can return to the team. If the owner, coach, and colleagues don’t know the Clippers, who will know!

Predicting that the Warriors will return to health and become the top five teams in the Western Conference is the bravest test and hope. The Warriors don’t yet have the ability to compete for the title, but they will make waves in the Western Conference and will be the most attractive and topical team in the NBA in the new season.


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