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The Gray Wolves are unwilling to sell 3 main players for Simmons

The Gray Wolves are unwilling to sell 3 main players for Simmons

The Ben Simmons trading event has evolved to some extent. Daryl Morey, the president of Philadelphia 76ers basketball operations, is still looking for the best deal. However, according to The Athletic reporter John Krawczynski, even the most actively pursued Gray Wolf, He is not willing to replace him with a core player.

Since the 76ers were the team with the highest record in the Eastern Conference last season and were once considered the favorites to compete for the championship, even though they lost in the playoffs, they would not be able to make a deal that would affect their competitiveness, so the team resolutely Only when an All-Star player is taken back in the Simmons transaction will they be released.

This also made some powers only to withdraw from the competition. At present, it seems that the Kings and the Gray Wolves are the two teams with the most chances, but they are also unwilling to trade the core of their respective formations. Whether they can reach a consensus is still very difficult. Hard to say.

Krawczynski said in his podcast, “The 76ers want to help the team’s players immediately, but the Gray Wolves don’t want to trade Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns, and they are the key to this deal. Even the Gray Wolves are the key to this deal. Not very willing to want to send D'Angelo Russell away."

As the two cores of the team, the Gray Wolves currently have no intention to put Edwards and Towns on the price, but there must be a question mark about the 76ers' interest in Russell. Although the latter can cooperate with Joel Embiid for pick-and-rolls, his defensive ability is far inferior to Simmons.

But by now, the 76ers may have to consider the gray wolf's bargaining chip. Because Minnesota is currently not much left in the market, and actively want to trade the Simmons team.


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