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The top 1 earning athletes in 2021 is twice the total salary of the IPL

Atletico Madrid beat Real Betis 3: 0 at home.

The Spaniards lost to Getafe 1: 2 away from their home.

Real Sociedad Draw In Bilbao

The No. 1 team in La Liga, Real Sociedad, will face No. 8 Athletic Bilbao today (November 1). An unexpected mistake shook the current top spot in the Royal Sociedad group. 2 Real Madrid, 24 points, the first space is Royal Society, very small gap 25 points

Round 12 of the Spanish Football League 2021-2022 season will continue with 31st Atletico Madrid beating Real Betis 3: 0 at home and the Spaniard losing to Getafe 1: 2 away.

Betis will face Atletico Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium this round in the 26th minute. Carrasco caught the defensive player to the left of the box and completed a corner in the 63rd minute. Atletico got Pezella's corner. Betis ’players accidentally led the ball and In the 80th minute, Felix got in and dangerously finished from the left corner of the box, the score being 3: 0.

The Spanish will challenge Getafe at home against Alfonso. Perez in this round, in the 31st minute, Unar took a penalty shot from outside the penalty area. Open the score for the home team in the 38th minute, the Spaniard took a corner. Cabrera’s header widened, Serge Gomez added and tied it at 1-1 in the 56th minute. Unar scored another goal and arranged the win for Getafe Wu Lei. Arrive for Embalba in the 90th minute.

In the remaining two games of the day, Real Sociedad recorded 1: 1 with Athletic Bilbao at home and Cadiz rocked Mallorca 1: 1 at home.

Real Sociedad currently lead La Liga with seven wins, four draws, one defeat and 25 points, one more than Real Madrid and Sevilla, who have played one game less. 4th place with 22 points, the Spanish is 11th in the ranking with 3 wins, 5 draws, 4 losses and 14 points.


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