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Premier League / Roman: Conte has become Tottenham's new manager

After the Spurs removed Nuno, there were rumors that he would reconnect with high-profile coach Antonio Conte, according to well-known sporting journalist Fabrizio Romano, who specializes in transfer reports. year 2023

Conte được đồn đoán sẽ tiếp quản vị trí lãnh đạo Tottenham
Conte is a rumored leader at Tottenham.

He pointed out that Conte had reached a verbal agreement with Tottenham and would officially sign the contract on Tuesday (2). In fact, football director Fabio Paratici wants Conte to join. Take the position in June of this year. Then the negotiations came to the final stage. for some reason Conte later dropped the appointment. I guess it's just money.

However, Nuno’s defeat looks like the Spurs are ready to finally make a profit. Rumors have been made by the British media that Spurs are willing to borrow € 280 million for Conte to expand. Conte is said to own four of Serie A’s favorite generals and expects Tottenham. Nam will make a big purchase next January.

Nuno bị Tottenham sa thải sau một thất bại
Nuno was sacked by Tottenham following the defeat

Website of italian soccer Calciomercato Conte’s four big goals are estimated to be in Serie A and the smartest is Fiorentina’s new superstar Dusan Vlahovic, who has attracted interest from the giants. The 21-year-old Serbian forward, 1.9 meters tall, showed incredible talent and goal-scoring talent. Fiorentina offered him 80 million euros.

Both were reportedly targeted for Conte's acquisition. It also includes two key players who worked together to win the Serie A title during his tenure at Inter, goalkeepers Stefan de Vrige and Marcelo Broso. The last midfielder is AC Milan goalkeeper Alessio Romagnoli, 26, and the club’s contract will expire next summer. Until now, negotiations on the contract renewal have been slow. Tottenham are allowed to marry people on the cheap.


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