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Chelsea are unbeaten in seven games and top the standings.

After the 9th round of the Premier League Chelsea and reigning champions Manchester City and Liverpool. formed a “Fight for title” relationship because the biggest difference in points between the three teams was two points. and has a temporary top position Chelsea's position is unreliable. Because Manchester City and Liverpool are waiting for Chelsea to make a mistake and get ahead of Chelsea. new leaderboard

However, Liverpool and Manchester City both made mistakes. Liverpool lead by two goals at home. but was equalized by Brighton's "dark horse"; Defensive champion Man City lost 0-2 at their home to Crystal Palace.

Dalawang beses na umiskor si Reese James laban sa Newcastle
Reese James scored twice against Newcastle

In this round, Chelsea have a match against Newcastle. This season, the Saudi army entered Newcastle and immediately resigned as coach Bruce, but "The Magpies" still could not find a new coach, the team's performance did not improve, nor a win, 4 board, 4 losers. 5 and 4 points. is ranked 2nd after the leaderboard.

In the first half, Newcastle had a home advantage and light resistance. In the second half, the Blues completely took control of the situation on the pitch, with Reece James in almost the same position on the right side of the box. With two shots on the left that created a “double gap”, Chelsea were 2-0 up before the end of the game. Goalkeeper Dello, who was hit in the Haverts penalty area, fell, and the referee took the penalty.

Chelsea’s defense is pretty clear this season, 10 games where they only got three goals, plus two penalties, they have increased their number. "No point wasted" for 7 battles

Premier League season 2021-22 Round 11

Liverpool will face West Ham United in fourth.

Manchester City and Manchester United will host the Man City derby.

Chelsea will play at home against Burnley, a team floating on the edge of the “relegation zone”.

Not surprisingly, “The Blues” remain 3 points and lead.


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