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(Update 1/1) Premier League 2021-22 Rankings & Comments Wolves vs Everton

The Premier League season ends in Round 10 on January 10, 30-11, 1/2022 and is nearing the end of Round 10. The match between Wolves and Everton is not over yet, let's take a look at Round 10. should know in football matches and analysis of match descriptions

English Premier League 2022 10th round is coming to an end, the top four teams in the Premier League are unchanged. followed by Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City. and West Ham United, positions 5 to 10 are normal changes. 5th place is now Manchester United. After Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United (0-3), Manchester United rose to 5th, while Tottenham's standings dropped from 6th to 6th. 8th place

from the table above We know the Wolves vs Everton match is not over yet, so let's speculate on the possible options.

If Wolves 1-0 Everton

If Wolves beat Everton by one point Wolves are in seventh place with 16 points and goal difference at 1. Brighton, Tottenham and Everton will all be one position apart.

If Wolverhampton 0-1 Everton

Let's say Everton wins this match. The change in rank will be slightly larger. It was only in the first half that the rankings changed 6-9, but Everton will have a better chance of reaching the top four in the Premier League.

If Wolves draw Everton (0-0.1-1)

The change will not be too big. only in the first half But no team has managed to break into the top four in the Premier League. And no team is likely to lag behind in the relegation zone.


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