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The Premier League / Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Everton 2: 1 at home

In the premier league the Wolves beat Everton 2: 1 at home, with the Wolves dominating the game in the first half. and Killman and Jimenez contributed to the team. After exchanging sides, Everton chased down the score in 1: 2 with Iwobi's goal.

sa Premier League Tinalo ng Wolves ang Everton 2:1 sa bahay at nakuha ang ika-7 puwesto.
In the Premier League Wolves beat Everton 2: 1 at home and took 7th place.

After the race The Wolves climbed to seventh in the rankings with six points after 10 games. After three consecutive defeats, the Wolves are in 10th with 14 points. Coach Bruno Laj Wolves said after the game: “It was a great game, we scored two points and we controlled the game in the first half. We found places to score goals and fit in with the team. Four four and two competitors

Wolverhampton Wanderers hero Raul Jimenez set two records in this tournament. including becoming the second player in Premier League history to score against Everton in his first five careers since Ian. Wright between 1992 and 1996 and finished with a 25-year record.

He scored 19 Premier League goals at home to Wolves. For the first time in team history

Everton manager Benitez said: "We were afraid of making mistakes. The first half went bad and the second half got better. Somehow we still improved and I believe the game will continue to get better. .


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