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Premier League / Tottenham 0-3 Manchester United-Tottenham Send a big gift to Manchester

This game was very important for Solskjaer, last week Liverpool beat them 0-5 at home. Now all games include Solskjaer’s midweek head coaching position. Sir Ferguson went to the Carrington training center.

However, understanding that he was involved in other activities that Manchester United were training for at the time, Solskjaer also denied that Ferguson had come to offer advice. But when you look at the Manchester United team and the results tonight it’s hard not to link the two teams.

Tottenham 0-3 Manchester United
Tottenham 0-3 Manchester United

Team 4231, home team Tottenham

Dier defenders, Romero, Emerson, BenDavies, Hojbjerg midfielder, Skipp, attacking midfielder Lo Celso, winger Sun Xingmin, Lucas Moura, forward Harry Kane.

Đội hình Tottenham
Tottenham squad

Importantly, in the form of Manchester United, Manchester United actually lined up at 352

Varane, Lindelof, Maguire play 3 central defenders, full-back Wan-Bisaka, Luke Shaw, midfielder McTominay, Fred, midfield B. Fernandes, forward Cavani, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Đội hình Manchester United
Manchester United squad

These are almost all the defensive players Manchester United have had since the start of the season. Bailly and Dalot on the bench are barely used. Matic could be the last replacement that Solskjaer should really focus on as a force. His only action was to change his formation back to four quarterbacks. No one can roll on the defensive line.

But Tottenham were clearly affected. They haven’t played well since the start of the season. Manchester United have five defenders, where Tottenham, who were only kicked by Sonaldo Nazario, could not get past the wing.

Ở phút 34, Sonaldo Nazario có một cơ hội duy nhất và bị thổi việt vị.
In the 34th minute Sonaldo Nazario had a chance and offside.

And Wan-Bissaka seemed responsible for staring at him. He followed Sonaldo. Nazario all the time in the 34th minute Sonaldo Nazario had only one chance and offside. But Wan-Bissaka ran back to the box, very nice.

Neither HarryKane nor LukasMoura know what to say to Tottenham. HarryKane often goes down in midfield to pass the ball, but Tottenham center -back LoCelso is not an attacking midfielder - they want to use the destructive power of the Mid. And Harry Kane backed away, splitting the ball to the side. But the Manchester United defender is in position. Tottenham seem to have no second step.

However, Manchester United are not playing very well, these 352s are clearly an emergency. Manchester United are not really in great shape. The movement in the middle can be seen without any tacit understanding. But the arrangement will be followed as long as the center point is maintained when the ball is received, the full-back up wing, especially Wan-Bissaka, very aggressive, will climb to pass the ball. then let Cavani head to the penalty area

Tottenham’s defensive line is really bad, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Cavani moving in the middle. Tottenham's defensive line immediately retreated. Leave both sides of the defensive line empty and have to continue to receive the ball. The Tottenham defensive midfielder could not keep up. On the other hand, it caused Manchester United to stop in the first half. Cavani had a lot of headers and the Tottenham midfielder kept pushing him like a fool.

B. Fernandes always pretended to attack midfield in the first half. In fact, when he counters, he’s looking for Ronaldo to kick if he’s going to push up. He’ll run sideways to support it full-back, he’s actually not in the middle. handling the ball Since Manchester United put up two center-backs, Cavani and Ronaldo have no wings to pull him. So this is a fake attack from a real midfielder.In fact, Manchester United can only go on, but Tottenham’s retaliatory attack is horrible. In the first half, Manchester United took control of the situation and took the initiative. Excitement: Cristiano Ronaldo, Cavani, Wan-Bissaka took turns trying to swing the ball wide. on goal, B. Fernandes eventually crossed from the middle into the box. Ronaldo caught it and unleashed a full burst of energy. Ben Davies hit a direct volley on the right side of the penalty area and slightly passed the ball towards the post.

Ben Davies, the Tottenham Hotspur defender, fouled heavily. His first tackle was by Cristiano. Ronaldo was cut off After Cristiano Ronaldo's counter-attack, Ronaldo backed away from the defender and dived very well. But Ben Davies still had a chance to stop. In the last minute, push the ball out of the post and the ball lands at Ronaldo's feet.

Shortly after the start of the second half, Tottenham Hotspur let Son Qingmin turn to the right, here he is in a better position. At least it puts some pressure on Manchester United, but others are too useless. And Maguire was able to stand up. Slightly left behind 3. Several times he cleared the ball from the left. It seems to be in better shape and more focused on protection.

Tottenham’s chances in the first half were also rushed by Sun Sing Min, with Lucas Moura having no time to rush behind the Manchester United defender. In addition, Harry Kane was deep and ran to the side. Not too fast, so Tottenham players often approached the penalty area, losing to Manchester United. The defenders stared. And no one can really shoot from far to hit the target. Tottenham have never hit Manchester United in the back or missed after a volley because they didn’t understand the players.

Cavani, Fernandes, Ronaldo đã làm một trận đấu tốt
Cavani, Fernandes, Ronaldo played well.

Tottenham were defeated and the attack was completely paralyzed. But the game’s deteriorating defense is what makes people talk. In fact, Manchester United have won the space behind Tottenham many times and some Tottenham defenders can’t keep up enough. protect them

86 minutes before the end of the game Matic got off the bench to go straight to Rashford. His great anti-offside scored another goal. He shoots a small arc to score.

Soskjaer’s change was very good, but in reality I think it had no effect 352. The big factor in this match was Tottenham’s mess. Manchester United cannot use this format to create a situation where they can hit the middle and shoot. If it’s a counterattack They also don’t shoot fast if MU is almost a one-handed situation. Tottenham's defender made a mistake.

In fact, this 352 may not find a strong team. The fact that Ronaldo scored and helped, Manchester United are currently relying on Ronaldo to solve the problem. Most often Ronaldo tackles destroys most of the people Manchester United invades the world.


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