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La Liga / Football Results Today - Atletico Madrid beat Real Betis 3: 0 at home.

Atletico Madrid are hosting Real Betis at home. In the first half, Carrasco broke the deadlock. In the second half, Pezzella scored his own goal and Félix sealed the win. Eventually, Atletico Madrid beat Real Betis by a 3-0 scoreline and were held back. 4th place on the table

La Liga continues to open A few days ago, Atletico Madrid encountered a free throw conflict with Levante. This resulted in Atletico’s original victory. Madrid lost the Real Betis game after the match against Real. Betis at the weekend Atletico will also be guests at Anfield in a bid to capture the title from Liverpool.

As for Atletico Madrid, Betis was a very strong opponent, in the last game Betis was hot for three straight wins and a 4-1 win against Valencia, but Atletico Madrid moved on to Bet. Betis was a sweet appetizer for Betis ’reception in Liverpool.

In this match, Atletico Madrid attacked very fiercely. Before Atletico Madrid can score Griezmann scored twice but failed, with Suarez and Correa attracting interest from Betis' defensive line. to give way to Griezmann and Carrasco

25 minutes in, the ball flew from Atletico’s right wing. Very fast on the left, Carrasco confronted Montoya by shaking his opponent in a circle and firing with his left foot to score.

Before the end of the first half, Carrasco had other performances comparable to Iniesta. He dribbles at least 5 opponents and the magic at his feet is amazing. Unfortunately, the last kick ended the game and was harmless.

in football today where everything works This type of dribbling is becoming more rare.

Carrasco đã thể hiện kỹ năng rê dắt tuyệt vời trong trận đấu của Atletico Madrid với Betis
Carrasco showed great dribbling skills in the Atletico game. Madrid and Betis

Betis had no chance, Carvalho and Willian Jose were both directly facing Oblak. Unfortunately, compared to the number of players in the middle of both sides it is the same. Betis's attack force seemed very limited and difficult. able to coordinate well

In the 62nd minute Atletico Madrid enjoyed a corner kick, Betis defender Pezzella led with a dangerous header to score an own goal. Perez’s goals are confusing. He wanted to force the ball out of the box. but turned his head and headed for his own purpose

After scoring a goal The loss of momentum accompanied by heavy rain made it difficult for Betis to launch a powerful attack, João Félix, who appeared later. Play your best and counter attack over long distances to score goals. at Felix's door Atletico won all three and beat Betis 3-0 in the match.


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