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How to Become a Baccarat Expert – 5 Things to Remember

Baccarat can be played by up to 14 players who gather at a table in a real casino. In terms of cards, all numbered cards are considered at face value, the Ace is worth one, and the Jack, Queen, King, and ten are all worth zero. A Baccarat coup (round) starts with all players placing bets on a player they believe will receive the highest points. They can bet in three different ways: player, dealer, or tie.

Then, the banker deals two cards to the players and himself; the dealing of cards stops if any player receives two cards with a total value of eight or nine – this is called a "natural," and the player wins. If the total value of both cards exceeds nine, the second digit becomes the total value. For example, if the total of the cards is 15 points, only 5 points count.

The rules in Mini Baccarat are similar, although things are done faster, making slight adjustments to the possibilities. It's common for bankers to use a six-deck shoe in Mini Baccarat, compared to the traditional eight-deck shoe in regular Baccarat.


Baccarat is a very straightforward game, primarily because players are offered only two practical options: betting on the banker's hand or the player's hand. Like in any gambling game, always be mindful of your bankroll and set a maximum or limit that you know when to stop playing.

You Should Play the Banker Bet

The likelihood of winning the banker bet is approximately 50% – that's why it's the preferred bet of most players. Also, keep in mind that the casino always takes a commission on bets, which is around 5%. For many reasons, Baccarat players tend to stick to banker bets and advise new players to continue betting on the banker until they win. However, each banker bet has a house edge, and it's generally not favorable for new players.

If the player wins, and you bet on the banker, you'll need to wait for the next round. If a tie results in a bet, neither the player nor the banker bet is lost.

Avoid Betting on Tie

Experts in Baccarat recommend avoiding this bet. While the house edge is low for player and banker bets, it's high for a tie bet. Believe it or not, the house edge for tie bets is approximately 14.4%. That means you're likely to lose 14.40 pesos for every 100 pesos you bet in the long run.

Any Baccarat player will tell you that tie bets should be disregarded at all times. For example, if the results of the last 5 hands are player, banker, banker, banker, tie, don't pay too much attention to the tie bet. Keep placing banker bets. Tie bet results are generally not significant unless you consistently bet on them.

Always Stick to Your Bankroll

You need to set a limit on your bankroll in Baccarat or any other game or gambling activity. Set aside an amount you're willing to gamble, and whether you win or lose, always stick to that amount. No one has an unlimited bankroll, and that's why bankroll management is your most crucial consideration. Your bankroll is your strategic resource.

Be a Disciplined Player

Be wise in your betting, practice self-discipline at all times. Laugh when you know you might win. Learn to follow the banker and read winning streaks. Set a limit on how much money you're willing to put on the line.

If you're losing, you can watch free live Baccarat, learn the card patterns and game streaks. Stay disciplined at all times.

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