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NBA / former bodyguard family auction collection, Jordan's underwear is also available for bidding

Lelands, a auction house, recently released a series of Michael Jordan-related products, including golf equipment, trench coats, suit jackets, ties, belts, and even underwear that Jordan has worn.

These merchandise clients also have some origins. They are the family of John Michael Wozniak, a personal bodyguard who has accompanied Jordan for many years. He himself became an instant hit in the documentary "The Last Dance" last year, which caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

Wozniak's son revealed that his father was originally a police officer in the anti-drug team. After retiring, he worked as a guard at the Bulls' home court. He accidentally broke the rear windshield when he stopped the car for Jordan. He was accidentally appreciated by Jordan and he served as the Jordan's bodyguard ever since.

Until Wozniak's death in January last year, he still received his salary from Jordan. His son revealed that he sent Jordan a message when "The Last Dance" was broadcast. The other party replied and thanked Wozniak for his many years of companionship, and emphasized that this loyal bodyguard will keep his heart forever.

This time, the auction house Lelands auctioned Jordan through the underwear. At present, 11 people have overprice. The starting price was 500 US dollars at first, and now it is 1299 US dollars. It is expected that the bid will be officially concluded in 19 days.


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